Music Lessons & Classes


We offer both online and in-person music lessons. No more missed lessons because of snow days or car trouble!

Wasilla Music & Dance Center believes learning to play an instrument promotes self-expression & builds self-confidence. Our music program is designed to insure a positive experience for every student. Our teachers identify how to teach each, individual student to insure they are learning in the way best suited to them.

We show students how to have fun with music while learning important skills and theory. Our students have an opportunity to perform at regularly scheduled, fun recitals—at least 2 per year!

Private music lessons are now available for students ages 5-6yrs thru Adult in the following instruments: Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Viola, Cello, & Bass.

Our teachers use the innovative program, LessonMate to send video demonstrations and lesson information for students to review in between their regularly scheduled lesson times.

If a student misses a lesson, their teacher will send them their lesson over the LessonMate system so the student doesn't miss out that week, and never falls behind. Wasilla Music & Dance Center gives LessonMate accounts for FREE to all our enrolled students!