Grade School Dance Classes


Our classes for students 6 years thru 16 years have something for everyone! Our schedule includes ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical and combo classes.

Our ballet program has expanded to accommodate our students who choose to continue their ballet journey with us. We offer age and skill appropriate ballet classes for all.

This year we've added a Disney Themed Dance Theatre for 6-10 years! We're pleased to offer classes for beginners, as well as those continuing their dance education.

Classes for our 2019-20 School Year begin September 3, 2019!


Acro (7-14yrs)

Learning Acro is a fun way for students to achieve core strength, better balance and self confidence in their body and abilities. Our class will include warm-ups that teach students how to properly stretch and make their bodies more flexible. Skills such as forward & back rolls, back bends, cartwheels and front & back straddles will be taught on the mats, all under close supervision. Acro skills are incorporated into dance choreography.


Ballet 1 (6-10yrs)

A beginning class for students aged 6 and older who want to delve into the world of ballet or graduating students from our Kindergarten classes. Students will learn ballet fundamentals with barre work, across the floor exercises and connecting steps. Even better when combined with a jazz or tap class.

Ballet 1A (7-12yrs)

Ballet 1A is for students with 1 year ballet experience (not including pre or kindergarten ballet). Students continue to explore ballet with more in-depth barre exercises & across the floor work. Time is also spent on perfecting technique on learned steps and an introduction to more complicated vocabulary and steps.

Ballet for Teens (13-16yrs)

This class is designed to introduce the teen student to basic ballet techniques in order to achieve graceful movement, core strength and proper posture. Students will learn how movements are incorporated into choreography, as well as an understanding of musical awareness and continued rhythm. This class welcomes students who have had some ballet or other dance classes when they were younger, as well as teens who have never had formal ballet training. A great compliment to our Lyrical class….which happens to be scheduled right before this class, what a coincidence!

Ballet/Jazz (6-10yrs)

The basics of ballet posture, turnout, & movement will be the focus, as well as an intro to the terminology. Students will also be introduced to jazz dance using a fusion of "old school" & "new school". Class begins w/a warm up designed to improve strength, flexibility, posture & alignment.

Ballet/Modern (7-12yrs)

Ballet/modern combo class will incorporate the fundamentals of ballet with the free flowing movements of modern, in which dancers tell a story with their bodies. Many basics of ballet and modern will be covered. This class is great to take along with a Ballet 1 or 1A level class.


Modern/Lyrical (11-16yrs)

A great class for a student with dance experience who is looking for a combo class where they can apply the ballet skills they've learned growing up. This lyrical approach to modern dance showcases the dancer's unique abilities of movement and trains the dancer in techniques used in every form of dance, such as retention of choreography, bodily expression with or without music, extension, muscle awareness and choreographing techniques.

Hip Hop/Jazz

Hip Hop/Jazz (9-16yrs)

This class teaches basic steps to contemporary funk hip-hop music as well as popular songs heard on the radio. Class will incorporate how to stay grounded, how to initiate isolations and fluid transitions. Students learn how to count to music beats of the song in the form called "dancers eight. Class includes a fusion of jazz dance where students are taught which muscles dancers us to make movements or create shapes.

Broadway Dance

Broadway Dance (10-14yrs)

Dancers will be exposed a variety of Broadway Musicals. Learning dance sequences, styles and projection of each unique production. This class will have an emphasis on how to build a character, stylized steps, and create a performance piece. Every other week, dancers will be introduced to a new Broadway production, listening to that selection's music, review steps and adding on to their compilation dance.

Disney Themed

Disney Themed Dance Theatre (6-9yrs)

Students learn fun choreography to the music they've grown up with! A great introduction to Broadway dance and movement. Class work consists of a jazz warm-up, stretching, and building a vocabulary of steps and combinations to dance to familiar Disney tunes. Taking a ballet class with this class makes for strong dancers!